What’s Your Bot-e-Type?

Botetourt County, Virginia is a place filled with exciting opportunities and things to do, regardless of your interests. So whether you’re a wine sipper, fishing fanatic, hiking enthusiast, history buff, or theatre lover, Botetourt County has a trip just for you.

Make it a day-trip or weekend getaway. Botetourt has plenty of things to do, and it’s prime location near Roanoke and Blacksburg makes it easy to get to. Nearby attractions include the Blue Ridge Parkway, Civil War historical sites, Blue Ridge Mountains and more.

Fall is just around the corner, so make sure to take a hike or drive and see our beautiful fall foliage or get picking at our local apple orchards.

So, What is Your Bot-e-Type?

Take this short quiz:

Where would you like to have dinner tonight?

A great Saturday would include...

If you raised your drinking glass, you'd hold up a...

Your go-to accessory is...

Which movie would you rent?

Your vehicle of choice is...

Which of these could be on your bucket list?

Need some help? Here’s how it works…

  • Answer the questions in the quiz above
  • Your responses will determine your Bot-e-Type
  • Meet your tour guide
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